Lindsay Lohan has been going through some well-publicized trials lately. There's the car accident, for one, but also the filming of the Lifetime Original Movie Liz and Dick, which features Lohan in a sure-to-be-scrutinized performance as Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor. So it was a little bit alarming to read reports of paramedics being called to the Ritz Carlton Hotel where Lohan was staying during the shooting of the movie.

Apparently, someone called 911 after finding Lohan unconscious and was unable to revive her. Paramedics arrived and somehow determined that there was nothing seriously wrong with her, and left without taking her to the hospital. Lohan is reportedly suffering from a simple case of exhaustion, which is easily explained by the reportedly extreme conditions of the Liz and Dick shoot. Sources say that Lohan had just gotten done with two straight sleep-free days of shooting - no wonder she's exhausted.

Anyway, Lindsay was NOT hospitalized, contrary to earlier reports, and is apparently doing OK now. Hopefully she will get some sleep and pull herself out of this exhaustion. Or, barring that, do something more interesting to write about. But it's Friday afternoon, what do you expect? (TMZ)