SYKE! UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Want To Be A Gotti Anyway

Thursday, April 21 by

UPDATE: Now TMZ is reporting that Marc Fiore was totally JKing and Lindsay is being considered for the part of John Gotti Jr.’s daughter-in-law that Kim Kardashian was previously being eyed for.

The producers of the movie Gotti: Three Generations just aren’t able to handle the supernova star power of Lindsay Lohan. Here’s one of them, Marc Fiore, in a statement:

“We are not talking any further about Lindsay playing Victoria. She is no longer being considered. The talks have stopped. We are going to meet with other people [for the role].”

Well let me tell YOU something, Marc Fiore. It’s your loss. Your loss! Lindsay Lohan doesn’t even want to play a stupid Gotti, so she’s glad that “the various demands of her management team just got out of control.” Glad!

The producers are also looking for a new director, after the previously attached Nick Cassavetes left to do other things. Perhaps he really wants to work with Lohan? The John Travolta-starring movie is scheduled to begin filming in the fall, provided that Lohan’s army of fans don’t riot to prevent this. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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