In a project that is being hailed as "the Latino Godfather" (which, coincidentally was my nickname in grade school), The Lincoln Lawyer helmer Brad Furman has attached himself to a film on the reign of Pablo Escobar. Producer Scott Steindorff has said it will be as much about war as it will be about crime, an allusion to the cartel that had a paramilitary presence in Bogota for most of Escobar's time at the top.

This project appears to have rallied ahead of the now-on-hold Killing Pablo adaptation, as well as Oliver Stone's Escobar. The source material isn't known at this time, but Matt Aldrich has been hired to pen the screenplay. Aldrich has recently become a hot property with the bidding war his most recent script, Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses caused a few months back.

Let's just hope this film shows this ruthless drug boss the respect he so mercilessly killed to obtain.