Doug Liman will be direct a movie about an international man of intrigue that isn't named "Bourne." Rather, he has been tapped by Rob Reiner and Alan Greisman to direct a biopic on Morris Abraham Cohen, widely known as simply "Two-gun Cohen." In the 1920's, Cohen was a British conman who travelled to China to eventually to protect the imperial leader and assist in training his armies.

As one could guess from this description, the producers are excited that subject matter has essentially written itself. So confident are they that they are cool entrusting this undoubtedly high-budget period piece into the hands of a first-time screenwriter in Matt Brown.

Liman is eager to make this a truly international film, working with Chinese financiers and shooting on location in China. This could present problems as far as censorship goes, and they still may or may not be miffed over all that spy plane unpleasantness. So don't be surprised if the working title of this project is The Majesty of the Chinese Empire Invigorates Impressionable Westerner, or something like that. (/Film)