I high school or college, did you ever show up at a lame party but tell all your friends that you were at a great party and that everyone was there in order get everyone there and create a great party? Well, substitute "you" with "Kiefer Sutherland" and "party" with "film adaptation of '24,'" and you've got a very similar set of circumstances.

Kiefer has now started milking the Tony Scott-is-interested-in-directing rumors, having even appeared on "The View" this morning to say the film will be released in 2012, despite the fact that the only thing that seems to be in place right now is its star's unbridled enthusiasm. I could see him getting interviewed by those chicks on "The View," the replying offhand if they know anyone in development at Paramount, only to be met with blank stares and tilted heads.

"24" did well with the real-time angle for several seasons, but condensing a saga into two hours is something that Hollywood hasn't had much success with. I would like to submit Nick of Time and Timecode as examples. Further, I can't see any big name directors to eager to take on such a staid institution as "24." The format is pretty much written in stone, so I'm not sure barking up the tree of big names will garner much success. In three months, expect Kiefer to be milling about the USC campus, handing out "Student Filmmakers Wanted!" fliers. (/Film)