Between their Aaliyah biopic, their Saved By the Bell TV movie, and now news of a Brittany Murphy film, it's seeming like Lifetime is stuck a decade or two back from the rest of us. Because Lifetime doesn't eff around with their titles (they're surprisingly SEO savvy) they have dubbed the Murphy film, The Brittany Murphy Story. No surprises there.

The film will premiere September 6th, and will star Amanda Fuller as Brittany, and Sherilyn Fenn as Brittany Murphy's mom, Sharon. The early death of the actress caused some internal strife within the family regarding how her two parents dealt with the media following the tragedy.

Because if there's one thing Lifetime loves, it's internal strife within the family.

The release date so close to the announcement of the film is rarely a good sign. This could mean that Lifetime isn't proud of this project, and if Lifetime isn't proud of something...dear God.