This one's for our 45 year-old female readers...

Good news, girlfriends! Your go-to channel for domestic abuse dramatizations is now remaking your favorite movie from all those mid-1980's sleepovers you revisit with such fondness!

Lifetime announced that they will be making a TV movie adaptation of the 1980 original, which starred Brooke Shields and some guy with hilarious hair. In case there are any younger readers perusing this article to see what all the fuss is about, The Blue Lagoon told the story of a shipwrecked boy and girl who frolic on an island paradise and fall in love. That's it. That's the movie. It served as Brooke Shields' breakout role and spawned a sequel with 1991's Return to the Blue Lagoon, which introduced the world to a much hotter female lead, Milla Jovavich.

The executive team behind this is also remaking Steel Magnolias for the network, so go ahead and set those DVR's.