Lifetime Has Decided That Dead R&B Star Aaliyah Needs A Biopic – Her Family Disagrees

Wednesday, June 18 by
The Aaliyah fanclub meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of interest.  

There’s so much about Aaliyah that we don’t know. Like, her last name, favorite nail polish, and other crap. Fortunately, all Lifetime really cares about is crap, so no one is better equipped to give us an Aaliyah biopic.

Not that we NEED or WANT an Aaliyah biopic, but if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t realize we need or want anything until Hollywood tells us we do. If it helps you feel better about the project, it’s based on a book called Aaliyah: More Than A Woman. 

So not only will this article make you feel bad that there’s a TV movie about Aaliyah coming out, but someone wrote a book about her. And how she’s “more than a woman.” I’m sure that’s a name of one of her songs, but you would have thought the author would come up with a title that didn’t make it sound like Aaliyah had a dick.

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