Liam Hemsworth Going ‘AWOL’

Saturday, June 25 by

You might know Liam Hemsworth from his performance in The Last Song. Or you might know him from his casting as the star of the upcoming The Hunger Games. But now you’ll know him as something else entirely: A draft-dodger. Hemsworth is set to appear in AWOL, a “romantic drama” from first-time director Danny Mooney about the anti-Vietnam-war movement of the 1960s, that’s based on a true story.

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Not a lot of info on plot, but it’s probably safe to assume that it involves Hemsworth going AWOL after being drafted into the Vietnam war. Oh, and there will probably be a girl involved. I dunno, I’m no screenwriter, but I’m guessing they will also kiss at some point, probably at a 4th of July parade or something. (Deadline)

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