I'm going to interrupt any normally scheduled news to bring you arguably the biggest story of 2013. There is a movie titled A Talking Cat!?! Are you sitting down? Sorry, I probably should have confirmed you were seated before telling you that news. Hold on, though. There's more. Are you lying down?

A Talking Cat!?! follows the adventures of Duffy, a magical cat that can talk to people but he can only talk to each person once. In this film, Duffy uses his special powers to bring two families together before never speaking to them again. There's even more. Are you lying down and have you emptied your bowels?

Here is the poster for A Talking Cat!?! As you can see, the voice of Duffy is provided by none other than Eric Roberts. James Woods was not available.

The best part is the news that A Talking Cat!?! is available to watch on Netflix Instant. Which means we hold the power to making it the most popular film on in Netflix's library. If you don't believe me that this film deserves it, perhaps these viewer comments will convince you:

  • "Very little attention was given to detail in this movie - Johnny WhItaker's hair is unkempt, and the Spanish curse word "Pinche" on his tee shirt was not appreciated as I watched this with kids."

  • "As amazingly insane as this movie is, 1:04:37 to 1:08:00 might be the most fantastic montage I've ever seen. I laughed until I cried. I can't recommend this highly enough."

  • "Yes, I saw this house interior used in another movie."

And for those still not frightened away, here's the trailer. Any trailer featuring time code is obviously worth your time. Pop the corn and let's get to watching!!