HBO has picked up Boardwalk Empire for a third season, just days after the second season's third episode. While Boardwalk hasn't quite become appointment television the way The Sopranos, Sex and the City, or True Blood has, it's developed a solid-enough following, and a solid following combined with enormous fixed costs for the show (like a $50 million set) mean that HBO is inclined to see this thing through for a while.

This means that Nucky and the gang will be in our lives for the next year-and-a-half at least, which I'm happy about. Although I've seen the show as a bit of an underperformer, I have faith that either I will warm up to the characters or the show will meet me halfway and make them a little more accessible. Unlike my feelings towards Tony Soprano, Tobias Beecher, and Detective McNulty, I don't really care if Enoch Thompson lives or dies or is happy or not. He's not compelling in the same way some of the supporting characters are, so let's hope some further development of his character or a shift in focus is on the horizon.

Also, I'm excited to see more of Half-Facey, Prohibition Andre 3000, and Irish Girl.