So, according to, another Lethal Weapon (that would make it 5) got put on ice by Warner Bros.  The words came straight from the mouth of series creator Shane Black, who was up to direct the movie himself.

Apparently Mel Gibson turned it down because the studio wouldn't let Richard Donner direct it.  And now Mel won't answer Joel Silver's calls.  Danny Glover's sweet residuals from Gone Fishin' have just about dried up by now, so I'm guessing about half those voicemails from Joel Silver "trying to get the gang back together" sound remarkably like Danny Glover.

In any case, Weapon 5's script supposedly had Riggs and Murtaugh teaming up once more, but this time alongside Murtaugh's son, also an LAPD officer. I see a trend here...

Indiana Jones teams up with his son in Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.  An earlier draft of Live Free or Die Hard - the one they almost shot - had McClain teaming up with junior.  What's next, Predator 3: Like Hunter, Like Son?  And why am I not the head of a studio yet?