[post-album postid="223044" item="5"]There's already been talk of The Change-Up star Olivia Wilde getting CGI nipples in an upcoming comedy, but it's Leslie Mann's nude scenes that'll have guys both enticed and perplexed.

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The adorable and talented actress has been a prominent female lead lately thanks to a helping hand from director/producer/writer husband Judd Apatow. Mann's never been afraid to show a little skin, but even in The Cable Guy when she was at unknown, she didn't give away the farm (the farm being her bare breasts). Perhaps that's why it's so surprising to see her topless in The Change-Up. Or are we being duped? Turns out the latter might be the case.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Mann all but admitted that her topless scenes in the film might be a bit embellished. When asked what it was like to shoot those scenes, the actress replied:
"To grow bigger boobs? I know, it was really hard, but some people can do that, and I can. It's a strange talent I have."

She then jokingly confirmed the use of a body-double, saying, "Yeah, I can do things like that." And when asked if her husband had seen the film, Mann replied, "Yeah. He liked them."

So there you have it, Leslie Mann sports prosthetic larger-than-average breasts in The Change-Up and Judd Apatow doesn't mind them. Whether she got to take them home with her for later use is still a mystery, and a case for TMZ.