Harry Wilkins, as the screenwriter of the upcoming Leprechaun film, you have your work cut out for you. He was found by the good folks at Lionsgate after the picked up one of his spec scripts, which is a cruel fate indeed - submitting your own creative work to a studio, having them accept it, only to get banished to the land of Leprechaun. Not the "land of leprechauns," though. That's Ireland, and it's a fine place to visit.

In case this is all news to you, allow me to backtrack by saying that there's going to be a Leprechaun reboot, which is funny, because nobody gives two shits as to whether the next Leprechaun is a reboot, sequel, prequel, reimagining, or just some terrible film that oozes out of the skin of the scaly monster that is the studio system.

Now's as good a time as any to mention that Lionsgate has an ownership interest in Screen Junkies, in case it appeared I was playing favorites with my above comments.