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 Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a Leprechaun commandeering the mic at a strip club and then proceeding to wax lyrical about his roots.  He’s quite the M.C., but I suppose that’s par for the course with a mythical goblin who speaks in anapestic line verse.  That’s poetry terminology, son!  I’d like to imagine that the little guy stayed around to intro the featured strippers when they come out to do their pole dance on stage. 

Sit on back and enjoy young Dolores

She likes hikes and red wine; she’s a Taurus

Watch her do her pole dance and then rip off her pants

If you’re lucky you’ll see her-

(At this point, the bouncers try to take back the mic from the Leprechaun but he kills them with his magic and a conveniently broken bottle nearby.)

[Clip from Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun in the Hood]


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