[post-album postid="216210" item="3"]Johnny Depp's developmentally disabled younger brother has put himself handicapable. Depp's What's Eating Gilbert Grape co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood's highest paid actor according to Forbes magazine. Thanks to Shutter Island and Inception, DiCaprio took in an estimated $77 million last year, whereas Johnny Depp earned an estimated $50 million. Adam Sandler is third with $40 million; Will Smith with $36 million; and Tom Hanks made $35 million. Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Mark Wahlberg, Tim Allen and Tom Cruise round out the top 10.

So let's see, Leonardo DiCaprio is handsome, rich, dates models, dates Blake Livelys, and has worked with Kirk Cameron AND the critters from Critters. Charmed life.