Buy! Sell! Sandwich!!

There's been a bit of a staff change-up on the floors of The Wolf of Wall Street. Leonardo DiCaprio remains on-board as Jordan Belfort, the real life sex, drugs, and rock and roll huckster who took the public for all their worth with his pumped up prices. However, it looks like Martin Scorsese is stepping down from the director's chair via a set of Doggy Steps to allow Ridley Scott the helm.

Will this project actually happen and do we actually need it? Scott should be busy with those Alien prequels and DiCaprio is still slated to play J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's upcoming Oscar bait. Besides, shouldn't Wall Street 2 and the bazillion documentaries about the financial crisis cover this bleak material pretty well? I really don't need a multitude of movies to remind me how I invested my life savings into stocks while they were at the bottom, only to see my investments issue a 210% return. Of course, I blew it all on nose candy. By which I mean, I spent a fortune on medical bills to get those damn Sweetarts out of my sinuses. (Deadline)