The long-anticipated President Wilson biopic may have found its Woodrow. And boy, is it a doozy.

Just kidding. No one cares about this, but it's pretty funny, especially in light of the disaster that was J. Edgar. In the wake of Lincoln's sleepy, yawny success, a wave of somehow less engaging presidential biopics are on their way, and the producers of this one somehow blackmailed Leo DiCaprio into possibly starring.

Does Leo look like President Woodrow Wilson? Probably. Just throw some mutton chops on him. (I'm aware Wilson didn't have mutton chops. But in this movie he should. In every movie, everyone should have mutton chops.)

Most disturbing about this news is the film's title, Wilson. I was almost positive that the Castaway producers had earmarked that title for a prequel about how a hide of leather, some white dye, and a rubber bladder began a journey to one day become Tom Hank's best friend, and then track his descent into buoy-dom.