Just about a month after the release of Total Recall, Len Wiseman is ready to unnecessarily remake another popular film property. Wiseman is in talks with Universal to direct a reboot of The Mummy that nobody wants or asked for.

Producer Alex Kurtzman explained his desire to work with the director, "I remember seeing Underworld and finding it a beautiful advancement of the genre. It was presented in this fresh, incredibly cool concept, but it never gave up its reverence for the mythology and that is what inspired us to meet with Len."

"We’re reaching into the deep roots of The Mummy, which at its beating heart is a horror movie and then an action movie, and putting it into a context that is real and emotional."

"Also, we thought it would be cool to see Channing Tatum and Kate Beckinsale do parkour on a pyramid. So, yeah." (Deadline)