Sony looks like they're doing something right with the Ghostbusters 3 movie that nobody besides Dan Aykroyd wants to see made. Though their involvement is not yet confirmed, Nikki Finke reports that the studio is meeting with Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller to use their unique ability to somehow find a way to make this movie incredibly good. If anyone can bring back the Ghostbusters without upsetting the entire planet, it's these guys who have made unexpected hits out of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street, and that movie starring Legos.

If Lord and Miller are crazy enough to take the job, they'll replace Ivan Reitman who has decided to abandon the director's chair following the death of star Harold Ramis and also, probably, because those chairs aren't very good for your lower back. Keep in mind that Bill Murray has also passed on the project for the 800th time leaving only Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson to reprise their roles before passing the torch. Let's hope that the addition of Lord and Miller doesn't mean they'll be writing out of the script by having their testicles fried after being shot by proton packs.