While King Kong did pretty well for itself at the box office, many remember it as an oddly humanized epic film that never really seemed to end. However, ask people what stand out most about the film, and they'll likely tell you it's the scene where the gang goes to Skull Island to capture Kong and encounter about million interesting animals on the way.

Legendary Pictures ain't no dummies, so they've chosen to focus on this aspect of the King Kong origin story (assuming there even ARE other aspects) with Skull Island, having given the world its first glimpse at Comic-Con. However, the teaser didn't convey much, and didn't have a director. Now, Deadline is reporting that Legendary wants Attack the Block's Joe Cornish to step up and helm this thing.

No word yet on what he thinks, but this would certainly be a great stage to prove that he can make the leap from cute indie director to blockbuster God, like both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb have done with Spider-Man.