LeBron's tweet "Wish I could do Space Jam 2!" isn't exactly an edict to Warner Bros, but it's probably enough to get some greasy executive calling around, checking to see if Chris Bosh reads well to test audiences.

I don't wish LeBron could do Space Jam 2. I wish LeBron would stop trouncing and flopping around like an Italian soccer player and step up.

I'm thinking neither of us will get what we want.

Space Jam was a film that captured two very ephemeral phenomena: mainstream America's dumb fascination with Looney Tunes characters and a fever pitch of NBA superstardom that Nike had pretty much hand-delivered to the masses. Both those things are relics of the past, so Space Jam 2 sounds pretty damn weird in this day and age.

Instead of Barkley and Larry Bird, we would get...DWIGHT HOWARD and DERRICK ROSE! Or maybe JEREMY LIN and JOE JOHNSON. Or they could just do the obvious thing here and put accused rapist Kobe Bryant in the forefront of a family film.