It looks like, after dropping the title game to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, LeBron James has enough on his plate with just basketball that his feature debut as a star of Ballers (produced by Brian Grazer) won't be shooting this summer.

That's...too bad?

He has been attached to star in the sports comedy since 2009, but postponed it from last summer so he could make his much-maligned "decision" about his free agency destination. He probably should have just done the movie in hindsight. Criticism over his finals performance is just the latest volley of attacks on LeBron since his departure from Cleveland last summer.

Is there any chance that this film can help restore his popularity? Very unlikely. Is there any chance that if he were to participate in this film this summer rather than work on his high-post game that he would be crucified? It's guaranteed. I have to imagine that the producers of the film would probably see King James' participation here as more of a liability than an asset right now, anyway.

So all he has to do is completely rebuild his reputation and legacy, then we get the basketball comedy.

Fans of Ballers: Don't hold your breath.