Lautner In ‘Abduction’: “You’re Not My Real Dad!”

Friday, January 21 by

Taylor Lautner doesn’t appear to be hurting himself with his post-Twilight role selections. While Fanning has gone all pixie and indie, and even Pattinson is working with Cronenberg, Lautner seems cool with whatever, man. His starring role in Abduction, directed by John Singleton, seems to encapsulate that ethos nicely. Abduction centers around Lautner’s character, who discovers that the adults that have been raising him aren’t his real parents, and escape from them puts his own life in danger. Sounds like that SwimFan/Glass House mashup that no one was clamoring for.

Three stills were released earlier today, which show Lautner alternately running and hiding. No surprises there. With these stills, bask in the glory that is Lautner in Abduction.




Get excited (?) for Abduction, hitting theaters September 23rd. (Cinema Blend)

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