The upcoming FDR romance Hyde Park on Hudson is sure to be an old-person favorite for years to come. And it might have something for the younger, less wise generations to enjoy as well, since Bill Murray has been cast as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And now, Laura Linney and Samuel West are being courted to appear as well - Linney as FDR's cousin/weekend fling Margaret Stuckley, and West as King George, whose visit to New York provides the backdrop for the film. Additionally, British actress Olivia Coleman will be playing Queen Elizabeth.

You probably know Linney, even if not by name. Coleman, on the other hand, will be familiar to anyone who saw her in Hot Fuzz. But West might not be known to you unless you're a fan of British theater. He did have a small role in Van Helsing, though. Which definitely would have been improved by the involvement of Bill Murray. (Daily Mail)