Only in the world of weirdo Dane Lars Von Trier would The Nymphomaniac be the more commercially viable of his two preferred titles. It should also be of little surprise that this film explores a woman's "erotic birth." What IS surprising is that the "birth" is actually metaphorical, so Von Trier's prop guy won't have to go hunting for sexy placentas or anything. Why didn't he use the word "awakening" instead of "birth" to clear up any confusion? Cause Lars Von Trier has never done anything in his life to clear up confusion, and he sure as shit isn't about to start now.

No further plot details are available about The Nymphomaniac, but as mentioned before, it was deemed a more commercial film than Dirt in Bedsores (his other title that was being shopped), so thank God for small miracles. His next film, Melanchiolia, demonstrates individuals' reactions to the end of the world, which is in keeping with the tone of most every other movie he has made and will be hitting south France in May.

The female lead for The Nymphomaniac has not been identified, but if Von Trier wants to have (SPOILER ALERT!) Bjork executed again, I won't object. (Playlist)