Lars Von Trier, the director who got banned from Cannes for not being as critical of the Nazis as one would hope, has turned his weird, disturbing eyes to the United States.

The word is that controversial working on a horror film that is set in Detroit, and pits a man against his own demons. Honestly, you don't have to set a film in Detroit to pit a man against his own troubled self. You can do that in Hilton Head, Jerusalem, or Melbourne. If you're going to set a film in Detroit, use the scary stuff that's already there. Like the feral dogs, the abandoned blocks of houses, or the city's bankruptcy filing as a script.

Lars Von Trier is afraid to fly, but that probably just means he'll take a speedboat over from Denmark, which would probably be the most bad ass thing in the world. Unfortunately, I made it up, and there's no indication he'll be taking a speedboat anywhere.