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Though he’s always been opposed, Larry David is finally caving and doing a Seinfeld reunion — on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The fictional reunion will be the through-line of season seven with the original cast all appearing as themselves. Recently at the TCA press tour, David told critics what they can expect to see of the reunion. "You won’t see the entire show. You’ll see parts of the show. You’ll get an idea of what happened (to the ‘Seinfeld’ characters) 11 years later."  The series returns on September 20th and I personally am very excited to see what happens if Kramer is locked in a room with Leon or Crazy Eyez Killah. (NJ)

Get in the ass of these morning links and leave a Snickers wrapper behind…

Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer is a stop-motion Bottle Rocket. (Yahoo)
Roll out the Fisher 10! Ridley Scott will direct Alien prequel. (Dread Central)
Jerry Bruckheimer goes to World War Robot. (Cinema Blend)
Jeremy Renner’s blowing up. (The Playlist)
The sci-fi t-shirts you’ve always wanted. (io9)



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