Are you a hot, 18 to 20-year-old girl, anxious to take your top off? If so, we'd appreciate a photo in the comments section. *Crosses Fingers*

Meanwhile, you can also take part in the open audition for American Reunion, the latest American Pie movie. There are many returning cast members in this one, so you can chat on-set and in-person with Jason Biggs, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Mena Suvari. I know, better put on shades, cause the stars will be shining brightly where you're going. Here's a description of what Universal is looking for:
"Kara is the sweet girl next door you used to babysit… now she’s a senior in high school and a full blown hottie. We are looking for someone funny, smart and beautiful to be a part of this next installment of the American Pie franchise. [...] Upper frontal nudity is required.”

Upper frontal... but that would mean... the boob area. Nice.

If you're actually seriously thinking about doing this, head to