Now that"Friday Night Lights" has exited with a whimper, a slew of hot actors have hit the market just in time for pilot season, making Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton two of the most in-demand TV actors out there today.

And FX, perhaps the hottest cable channel to be found right now, wants Chandler for a new show they're cooking up. "Powers," a procedural about two police officers who investigate crimes committed by perps with superpowers, has reached out to Chandler, who is awaiting a new script before making a decision on the part. No word on whether Chandler would wear his trademark whistle.

Perhaps the fact that FX has already locked down his TV wife, Connie Britton, in Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" will influence him. If he jumps on board, he can see his wife at Christmas parties and they can swap stories about FX's zany VP of Development at the end of long days. Here's to hoping Aimee Teegarden does a guest stint on"Justified" or something for a very pleasant Taylor family reunion. (Deadline)