Kristin Stewart To Play Snow White, Per The Brothers Grimm’s Dying Wishes

Friday, March 4 by

It appears that Kristin Stewart will be getting the role of Snow White without having to share the limelight with all those diva dwarves. Producer of Snow White and the Huntsman Palek Patel recently confirmed (via Twitter, for what that’s worth) that Stewart will be filming starting August 1st in Germany and Britain. Though Stewart had been rumored to be the lead candidate for the role, there hadn’t been much discussion recently, causing some to wonder if she was still in the hunt.

The dwarves in this iteration of the Grimm Fairy Tale will be replaced by the taller and less numerous Viggo Mortensen, who will play the role of the titular huntsman, who is sent to kill Snow White, but ends up serving as her protector. Charlize Theron is in talks to play the evil queen, despite the fact that she’s only sort of evil in real life. The movie has been described as a gritty re-telling of the familiar story, which should comes as no surprise, because films that aren’t described as “gritty re-telling”s don’t get made these days.

Whatever you do, do NOT confuse this Universal Studios Snow White film with the one being developed by Relatively media titled The Brother’s Grimm: Snow White. That version recently announced Julia Roberts in the role of the evil queen, which makes sense, cause I heard Roberts is simply insufferable in real life (not really). (The Wrap)

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    so many snow white movies!

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