Kristen Stewart May Spend Her Summer In Prison

Wednesday, March 2 by

No. They didn’t outlaw mumbling and lip-biting. After two years of false starts, the prison drama K-11 is ready to go before cameras.

Kristen Stewart was mentioned in the Variety announcement but she’s expected to join for two reasons. First,  she was attached two years ago and has stated the project is a passion project. Second, the director is her moms, Jules Stewart.

K-11 refers to a section of L.A. County Jail reserved for homosexuals. If she can join, Stewart will play an autistic transgender named Butterfly who starts a relationship with a tatted up methhead transgender who Nikki Reed was originally slated to play. Reed’s no longer attached and there’s no confirmation on whether or not Jason Mewes will now play a role. Don’t try to put Jason Mewes in a box, man.

So, let me get this right. They both play women who became men so that they could have relationships with men who used to be women. Sounds like an Inception-themed porno. Cue up that horn but don’t do anything torrid with it.

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