"An apple? That's... uhm... thanks. You're old, but... y'know... whatever... yeah." That's what I'm imagining dialogue from the new Snow White and The Huntsman would be like with Twilight star Kristen Stewart as the princess who's into tiny dudes. Stewart's reportedly circling in on the role like a vampire swooping around a cute, but perpetually nervous looking teenage girl.

As I reported earlier this evening, Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron are also in talks to join the cast, as The Huntsman and the Evil Queen respectively. (Earlier, I also reported on bloody cyber aliens, but why am I bringing that up now?) Stewart is the star Universal's always wanted for the role, and the twitchy woman may be ready to take on another big studio project post-Twilight. She's apparently been in a lot of indie movies I will never, ever see.

Stewart as Snow White? As long as she doubles as Awkward the dwarf, I have no problem with that. (Hollywood Reporter)