Man, Kristen Bell really loves the shit out of Hunger Games. Last year, the actress tweeted : “I’m not just ‘a’ hunger games fan. THE hunger games fan. read both books twice” … “2nd time i read it aloud 2 friends & did different voices for each character i am the king of the nerds!” Technically, queen of the nerds but I see her point.

Now, she's campaigning to be a part of the film with her eye on one role in particular. She wants Johanna Mason, a winner from a past series of Games. There's no confirmation on whether or not she's met with producers or is even in consideration for the role. See, the problem is that people have heard of her before. That would go against the Hunger Games trend of only casting random kids from cough syrup commercials with names like "Ebony Blaze" or "Drama Epiphany."

At any rate, she's certainly passionate about the project and could be a draw for geek audiences. If producers had anyone else in mind for the role, there's only one fair way to settle it. A battle to the death! To the Casting Hexagon!! (/Film)