Second Commie-related post of the day. Here’s one from the International News Desk. The Kremlin is looking to have a ‘closer’ relationship with the movie business. If there’s anything we’ve ever learned about film, it’s that the way to make good ones is to put a government bureau in charge of it.

Hey, we did this in America with Fox News.  And it has been an unending source of entertainment.

Yuri Sapronov, co-founder of Russia World Studios, which hosted the confab at its new $100 million studios in St Petersburg, told Variety that the “question of establishing a special government department” to bring together senior government and entertainment industry had been well received.

Even though they basically invented the term, Russia doesn’t seem to concerned about reverting to old Soviet times. The great thing about modern propaganda is that you don’t have to apologize for it. If you’re Russia you don’t have to apologize for anything.  

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at one of their recent releases. It’s one of the hottest contenders this year. The effects are mind-blowing.

Variety has the Red Scare.

Your Brother in Arms, Max Powers