Joseph Kosinski is taking his eye off of his Oblivion/Horizons ball to helm a film that doesn't have quite so much baggage attached to it. The Tron director has attached himself to Adam Cozad's Archangel, a familiar, old-timey story of a secret government agency that hunts down aliens.

Ahh...simpler times.

The script hasn't been written yet, but a treatment of the script managed to catch Kosinski's eye. Cozad garnered some heat after 2010's Gray Man, and has mostly recently worked on the Jack Ryan reboot, with Chris Pine attached to play the role that Ben Affleck ruined.

Seeing as how Archangel does not yet have a script, I wouldn't imagine this will supersede his work on his Horizons, nee Oblivion baby. Of course, there's still the matter of Kosinski locking down a studio to produce the damn thing. But after that, you know...totally smooth sailing.

But enough about Oblivion/Horizons. Let's get stoked about this other movie that hasn't been written yet. (Variety)