The Farrelly Brothers used to make hilarious comedies like Kingpin and There's Something About Mary. They've been a bunch of struggling stooges for over a decade now, so maybe it's appropriate that their next film will be their long-discussed Three Stooges movie. Hopefully they won't ruin this beloved property, like a couple of knuckleheaded, so-called interior decorators ruining a fancy lady's home.

One sign they're on the right track: hiring Johnny Knoxville to play Moe. Almost. The contract is being negotiated between Fox and Knox, so the Jackass star can bring his willingness to taser his own balls to this modern day Stooges update. He is the current reigning King of Getting His Ass Kicked For Laughs.

The film will be three long "shorts," rather than a full-length narrative. One thing's for sure: if the Farrelly's screw this one up, angry Three Stooges fans will not be giving them hall pass. (Cinema Blend)