Know Your History: Death Race

Friday, August 8 by

When Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 came out in 1975 it spooked a lot of people.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a race in the future (now the past) where the contestants got points for running down pedestrians.  The tagline was “In The Year 2000 Hit And Run Driving Is No Longer A Felony. It’s The National Sport.” The movie inspired the first video game to gain serious bitch-pitching among concerned parents. And they were TOTALLY within reason. Here’s a picture of the ultra violent Atari version:

The upcoming Death Race opens on August 22.  It has a different, but similar concept:  people trying to kill other people with crazy cars.  Honestly, I’ll watch any movie where Jason Stratham punches people. Here’s the trailer.


Classic Line fromDeath Race 2000: “Go for the Baby! The baby!”

What we are excited about for the new Death Race:  Women Prisoners.

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