Kirsten Dunst was really close to getting a fourth gig as Mary Jane in Spider-Man 4. Sam Raimi had Tobey Maguire and company attached, but then bowed out to let Columbia reboot the series. Dunst is cool with that.

“I feel like it was time, you know,” she said while promoting her upcoming film All Good Things. “Sometimes they always want to push things for money reasons or whatever and it just didn’t come together the way they probably had wanted or envisioned. I like Andrew Garfield so much as an actor and Emma Stone so I think they’ll be great in the new version.”

In some ways Raimi’s attempt at Spider-Man 4 was seen as a way to make up for fans’ disappointments with Spider-Man 3. Dunst feels happy with the trilogy as it stands.

“I felt like what we had during those films was so special, like me and Tobey and Sam. It was such a unique experience and also because it was these independent minds and actors and you’re making this huge film. It’s great that all these kids are such huge fans and to be a part of a movie like that is very special, especially a good franchise. So to end on 3 I think is the perfect way to leave it.”

No hard feelings, she says she’ll still be a fan of the new Spidey movies. “Of course I’m going to see the movie. Of course.”