Kirk Jones Carries Pregnancy Movie To Term

Wednesday, March 23 by

If you were just itchin’ for the upcoming film version of the worldwide pregnancy bestseller “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” to find a director, then itch no longer! Kirk Jones, the man who brought us Nanny McPhee will be helming the film for Lionsgate. The film, written by Heather Hach and rewritten by Whip It! screenwriter Shauna Cross, is being described as being similar as being similar to Love Actually in structure, with several expectant couple’s lives intertwining, possibly against the strains of a top 40 soundtrack. This structure has been oft repeated in the last few years in romantic comedies like Valentine’s Day, he’s He’s Just Not That Into You,  and the upcoming New Year’s Eve. It makes for a, let’s say, busy viewing experience. Let’s hope Jones will spend a good deal of time exploring the complexities of each relationship and making them feel full and complete. Or, there’ll just be a lot of breast milk jokes. (Deadline)

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