David Seidler, Oscar-winning screenwriter of The King's Speech, is going after another one with another inspirational story, this time about Nazis and POWs. I think he may be using the gold statues as sex toys.

Games of 1940 revolves around a diverse group of prisoners who band together and risk their lives while in a Nazi camp to put on their own Olympic games after the 1940 games were cancelled.

If I may editorialize, this sounds an awful lot like the episode of "The Office" when Michael leaves early to close on his condo and Jim put on his own version of the Olympics at Dunder-Mifflin. I'm not saying that David Seidler is ripping off material, just that this has been done before. And done well.

Seidler claims to have come across the story when he and Italian screenwriter Luca Manzi were touring a Polish sports museum. Which is so goddamn strange I don't even have anything clever to say about it. Games of 1940 will probably be released in November of 2012, then again in March of 2013 after it wins Best Picture. (Deadline)