‘King’s Speech’ Director Gave ‘Iron Man 3′ An Iron Middle Finger

Wednesday, February 23 by

Director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) is looking to win Oscar gold, and doesn’t have time for any other type of metal. In a recent interview, Hooper said that he was offered the job of directing drunken Tony Stark & pals in Iron Man 3, but turned Marvel down. Then they went to Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang). It’s not uncommon practice to hire a drama director with little effects experience to captain a big budget CG explosion fest, with the hope that they’ll direct commanding performances out of those guys with the lines… actors? I think that’s what they’re called. The ones that aren’t explosions.

Not to worry, Hoopertarians. The acclaimed director is considering a different big project: a new film version of the hit Broadway musical Les Miserables. It’s not just a poster in you high school music teacher’s classroom. Les Mis is a not-a-laugh-a-minute show about an ex-convict and other French folks who do a lot of struggling in the 1800s. Judging from the time period alone, it seems more like Hooper’s thing. (Collider, 24 Frames)

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