MGM, convinced the Russians could pounce on us at any minute, have launched yet another reboot (following Robocop and Carrie), announcing that Seth Gordon will be directing War Games. Gordon made a big name for himself with the video-game documentary King of Kong, and is on the verge of more mainstream success with his upcoming Horrible Bosses.

For those of you who are horrible people and don't know the premise of the original, War Games stars Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy as two hackers during the nascent computer era of 1983 who log into a system, thinking they're playing a game, but turn out to be manipulating the country's nuclear arsenal. One of the charms of War Games was the simplicity of the computers. With a monochromatic display, the film depended on the characters to sell the story. With technology now, it will be hard to resist the temptation to blind the audience with effects, rather than a decent story and characters. However, as Gordon proved with Kong, he's got a knack for extracting the humanity from technology, so hopes are high. (Deadline)