[post-album postid="219056" item="5"]With classic video games like Asteroids and Space Invaders and Burger Time (just you wait) headed to the big screen, it's no surprise that a Donkey Kong project is in the works. But we can be thankfu knowing that it's not a straight remake of the game with Zac Efro fighting a gorilla to win the love of Teresa Palmer. However, it is a remake of sorts.

We've known for a minute that Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon would be remaking his breakthrough documentary King Of Kong into a narrative, but haven't heard any info beyond that. Gordon spoke about the project recently and had this to say about his approach to shooting it.
“There’s a few different avenues [the film can take]. I’ve done some work on Modern Family and The Office and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style?,” he explained. “What doors what that open? What opportunities? What additional story could we tell? And that’s essentially the approach we took.”

I'd say probably the same doors that already opened, but now maybe shot with a more expensive camera. (The Playlist)