Kiefer Sutherland Will Make ’24′ Movie By Any Means Necessary

Thursday, January 20 by

Despite rumors, the movie version of Fox’s retired hit drama 24 is not dead. It’s just been sitting in a basement, tied to a chair, waiting for Jack Bauer to waterboard the shit out of it.

In a recent interview, Kiefer Sutherland said that shooting on the 24 film would begin next December or January. Though the last pass on the script by writer Billy Ray (State of Play) has been rejected, now we learn a new script is being worked on — and worked over with electric shock treatment — according to Sutherland.

So why has the wait been torturously long? Sutherland explains:

It’s a very difficult thing to take something that you’ve done for eight years, almost 200 episodes, and try and find a story that’s going to be unique and yet service the history of the show as well… So we start shooting hopefully by next December or January.

So Jack Bauer may just make it to theaters after all. Unless the terrorists have their way, but as long as America is awesome, I guarantee you they will not. (/Film)

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