It seems like Kiefer Sutherland is obsessed with one thing: the 24 movie. I hear it's what he dreams about at night, writes about in his dream journal the following morning, and that he's been taking more naps on purpose just to stay in the "24" universe. So it's nice to see him take his mind off of terrorist torture for a minute to focus on his heisting career.

Sutherland will star in Slight of Hand, about a gang of bush-league criminals in Paris who get ahold of a rare gold coin. That would be pretty awesome for them, except that it belongs to a way more badass criminal who wants it back. Sacrebleu 'n' stuff. The film also stars Gerard Depardieu, Thomas Jane, Til Schweiger, and Jon Lovitz, who I assume will play the much-feared, villainous French gangster. He'll do it with a little thing called... acting.

Slight of Hand will be directed by Brad Mirman. (Variety)