I love a good unofficial poster.  They're almost always a lot cooler than the the authorized versions.  And the collector in me likes the whole limited edition-ness of them, too.  I know that my signed "Dwight Yoakam live at the Wiltern Theater 2007" poster will one day be worth at least $7 to someone.  And I only paid $15 for it.  That's called smart investing.

Speaking of smart investing and nerdery, Screen Junkies is headed to Comic-Con for the first time ever this year, and it brings me great pleasure to show you the above special edition Kick-Ass poster designed exclusively for Comic-Con 2009 by artist John Romita Jr.  He's the artist behind the original Kick-Ass comic book series, on which Matthew Vaughn's film is based.  I once met Mr. Romita Jr. and he signed my copy of Ghost Rider, Punisher, Wolverine: Hearts of Darkness AND Cable #1.  I still have both issues.  I still have a lot of issues from the early '90s.  Like painful self-loathing.

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