The 2010 movie Kick-Ass was a surprise hit, earning more money than any movie featuring unfamiliar "superhero" characters (including children) doing horrifyingly violent things would ever be expected to. But, nothing changes mainstream acceptability like success, so now there are plans for a sequel, at least according to the first movie's star Aaron Johnson:
“It’s pretty much set to go, this fall. I think now Chloe [Grace Moretz] and Chris [Mintz-Plasse] are on board. I’m certainly set up to do it. Jeff Wadlow is to direct. Yeah, I think it’s going to happen."

Evidently the director of the first movie, Matthew Vaughn, has moved on to bigger and brighter superhero franchises with X-Men: First Class. But Johnson has gone on to confirm that the sequel will retain the hard-R-rated violence that made the first movie so, uh, R-rated. Add to that a likely cameo from Nicolas Cage, and it looks like all the fans of the first Kick-Ass will be mighty pleased with Kick-Ass 2. (The Playlist)