Easily one of the shittiest sequels ever made, Scream 3 sucked so badly that it really dulls the rest of the series. The most obvious one to blame for this is Ehren Kruger (although the casting sucked too).

So, fans rejoiced when the original writer Kevin Williamson came back for Scream 4. That joy quickly went away when it was announced that Williamson was leaving the project and the Weinsteins were bringing back Ehren Kruger of all hacks.

This pissed off the cast and fans alike and has us all worried about the turd that the film could potentially be. Now Williamson finally opens up about what went down. And by opens up, I mean, plays nice so that he doesn't hur the box office take. From EW:
There were all these rumors that you were fired from Scream 4. What happened?
Oh, I got in a big fight with Bob. God love him. I’ve worked with the man for 16 years out of my 16-year career. We get in some fights. We’re a very dysfunctional family over there at the Weinstein Co. We got into a massive fight creatively and we hugged it out and then we moved on.

Can you allude to what the struggle was about?
Oh just, you know — I felt strongly about this and he felt strongly about that and then I did this and that wasn’t right. Everyone was second-guessing everything because everyone wanted it to be so perfect. That’s exactly what happened. The one thing that Bob and I connect on very basically, why we’ve worked successfully together for 16 years, is we’re passionate. And no one is more passionate than Bob Weinstein. And it is that passion that allows you to make a movie where he will believe in you and trust in you and it’s also that passion that can cause fights and cause struggle. For 16 years, he’s kept me gainfully employed. I love him. Yes, we got into the fight, but then the big clincher came: Contractually, I had signed on to do The Vampire Diaries [Williamson's series for The CW]. You know, the little thing called first and second position? I was in first position to do Vamprie Diaries and second position to do Scream 4. So guess what? It was a contractual thing. Warner Bros called up and they said, “Dude where are you? You have a show that’s on the air — where are you?” I did double duty as much as I could but The Vampire Diaries was also very important to me.

When did you and Bob reconcile?
Oh, I haven’t talked to him yet.

This man obviously does not have a grasp on the term "hug it out."