Kevin Smith Will Shoot ‘Red State’ In Secret

Wednesday, July 7 by

After a string of box office failures, Kevin Smith finds a successful second career as a mime.

Don’t expect to hear too much about Kevin Smith‘s Red State. Spurned by the media coverage caused by Southwest’s no fatties policy, the director has decided to make his Fred Phelps-inspired genre-bending horror film quietly with no major announcements to the press. He’d also like to stay away from casting big names for the project, and focus more on the difficult task of casting well-known unknowns. This where story am confusing. Explain me Kevin, Smith.

“For the first time since "Clerks" I’m trying to go, no unknown, but actors who aren’t like, you’re gonna see them on screen and not know their name…it’s a weird kind of in between neither place that I’m reaching for. It’s not complete unknown and it’s not remotely f*cking recognizable, name recognizable…It’s really tough to find actors whose name you don’t know. You know you can go to "Law and Order" and grab anybody from the cast and they’ve done five or six episodes and sh*t but you’d still recognize them and you’d be watching the movie and be like “that’s that dude, I’ve seen that dude on "Law and Order!” “

Huh? So, he’s making a "Law & Order" movie? Without Sam Waterston? What’s going on here? Did you catch all that Britney??



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